Antenna Masts and Tripods

Modular Antenna Mast - AM 9144

Modular Antenna Tripod Mast AM9144

The double telescopic antenna mast / tripod is continuously height-adjustable. The mast rods are made of glass fibre to avoid unwanted reflexions. The modular design makes it possible to use different telescope parts and it can be mounted on a mast foot made of stainless steel or one made out of low-reflective fiberglass. Both of them provide a secure stand and easy adjustment on uneven ground. Antennas or adapters can be mounted on the 3/8" male thread.

 Overall height adjustmeint:
 (depending on configuration)
0.56 m - 3 m
 Antenna or adapter mount: 3/8" (male)
 Material mast: GFK / fibre glass
 Diameter of circle around foot: aprrox. 1.5 m

 (depending on configuration)

5 ~ 7 kg

pdficon large Datasheet AM 9144




 AM 9144 Overview



 Mast Adapter

Suitable for adapters with 3/8” female thread. AA 9202, AA9202 POM, AA 9203, PDG 9211, RA 9215, AA 9205, AA 9209, KG 9201




Interchangeable telescopic part in different sizes.



 Mast Foot

Available in 3 different versions: Stainless steel, GF or tiltable mast foot




These wheels are optionally available. Depending on the foot, they have a different mounting-system.




To increasing the maximum height of the telescopic part.



1. Mast Adapter

Mast Adapter


Antennas can be mounted directly to the 3/8" thread of the telescopic part or can be using the adapters shown above. For more information please refer to the respective data sheets of the adapters.



2. Telescope


The modular telescopic parts are interchangeable. So different height adjust-ments can be realized. When selecting the telescope, please make sure that an additional vertical offset may be caused by the mast foot and the optional wheels.


3. Mast Foot

Mast Foot k

AM 9144 M-VA

 Height offset:

+ 10 cm

The mast made of stainless steel fits for all AM 9144 T - models. With its adjustment screws strongly uneven ground can be compensated. A rotating star can lock the legs.


Mast Foot GFK

AM 9144 M-GFK

 Height offset:

+ 5 cm

The low-reflection mast foot made of fiberglass is suitable for all AM 9144 T models. With its adjustable rubber feet slightly uneven ground can be compensated. Due to the simple plug-in system the mast foot set up is quick and easy.


Tilt Foot

AM 9144 M-TILT

 Height offset:

+ 14 cm

 The tiltable mast is suitable for all AM 9144 T – models. With the hand wheel, the entire mast ca be tilted. This is necessary as otherwise a polarization change of the antenna, due to the an-tenna elements, would not be possible.

Tilt angle: > 20°

With its adjustment screws strongly uneven ground can be compensated. A rotating star can lock the legs.

STLP9128C Tilt Foot


AM 9144 M-FIX

 Height offset:

+ 1 cm

 The mast foot made of zinc-plated steel fits for all AM 9144 Telescope elements, e.g. AM 9144 T-12.

Designed for rigid attachment to the floor by three M8 Cross-handle screws, the required threaded hole length is 30 mm.


AM 9144 M-FIX



4. Wheels


AM 9144 W-VA

 Height offset:

+ 5 cm

The wheel are suitable for the stainless steel mast foot AM 9144 M-VA. They are simply attached instead of the end caps into the legs and are locked with the star handle screw. With the parking brake the mast remains in position.




AM 9144 W-GFK

 Height offset:

+ 5 cm

These wheels are suitable for the GFK mast foot AM 9144 M-GFK. The wheels are simply assembled instead of the rubber feet. With the parking brake the mast remains in position.



5. Extender


The Extender is screwed by its 3/8 "female threads on top of the telescopic part and extends it. The length of the extender is made in a way so that a stepless height adjustment remains possible. The resulting height of a retracted telescope with extender corresponds to the height of a completely extended telescope.




Overall height adjustment in different configurations


Mast Foot Wheels Telescope
AM 9144 T-05 AM 9144 T-08  AM 9144 T-09 AM 9144 T-12
min. max. min. max. min. max. min. max.
VA no wheels 61.5 105 77.5 137 89.5 161 111 205
wheels 66.5 110 82.5 142 94.5 166 116 210
GFK no wheels 56.5 100 72.5 132 84.5 156 106 200
wheels 61.5 105 77.5 137 89.5 161 111 205


 When using an extender, the height adjustment range is increased depending on the length. This should be considered when calculating the total height adjustment range.


AM 9104 - Antenna Mast


  • Schwarzbeck AM 9104 opt GFK-Fuss
  • Schwarzbeck AM9104 Antenna Mast



Detachable Antenna Mast System (glass-fibre tubing) for VHF-UHF Antennas

manual height scanning 0.4 m to 4 m

insulated mast and antenna box with 0°/90° detents

zinc-plated / stainless steel 3-leg mast foot


pdficon small Datasheet AM 9104



AM 9104 Opt. Rollen:

Caster Wheels and Brakes for zinc-plated/ stainless steel 3-leg mast foot

AM 9104 Opt. GFK-Fuß:

Non metallic (glass-epoxy) mast foot for AM 9104