Calibration Service

As an international manufacturer of precision measurement technology, with experience of over 60 years, Schwarzbeck has own laboratory facilities to calibrate a variety of instruments, antennas and measurement equipment of EMC and RF technology.
We offer you the possibility to calibrate your devices by us, regardless which manufacturer. Of course, we calibrate your own developments, too.

You will receive an ISO 17025 compliant calibration certificate with all necessary information as well as the calibration data as graph and table on paper. If desired, we send the calibration data as *.txt or *.xls -.file by email. 


Calibrations of the following devices are available:

    • Antennas
    • LISN Line Impedance Stabilisation Networks / AMN Artificial Mains Network
    • Pulse Generators
    • Current Transformer Clamps
    • Voltage Probes
    • CDNs, ISN
    • EMI-Receivers



The most important measurands that can be calibrated in our calibration laboratory according to ISO 17025 are:


    • Antenna faktor k
    • Antenna gain g
    • Radiation pattern
    • E-field strength
    • H-field strength
    • VSWR
    • Impedance
    • Attenuation
    • Frequency
    • Voltage
    • Current
    • Power

 Calibration Service





The traceability to DKD standards can be done for the frequency range from 0 to 40 GHz. There are selected meaningful frequency intervals for the application of the calibration data,  a sufficient number of data points is provided to ensure a minimum of interpolation. All antennas and equipment are generally calibrated in a wide frequency range as possible and in sufficiently narrow frequency steps.


The achievable accuracy depends on the calibration method and the calibration object. It will be shown in each calibration certificate.
The following table shows the reached measurement
uncertainty by Schwarzbeck at the 2011/2012 DKD intercomparison for free-space antenna factor.


Antenna type

Frequency range


Biconical Antenna

30-300 MHz

< 0.5 dB


200-1000 MHz

< 0.4 dB

Stacked LPDA

1 -26.5 GHz

< 0.8 dB (f  < 18 GHz)

< 1.4 dB (f < 26.5 GHz)


More information about our calibration service can be found here:  pdficon small calibration services