TSA Antennas


TSA Antennas


  • Schwarzbeck TSA and SBA9113 with 420NJ


Tuned sleeve antennas are tuned half wave dipoles, with their axis aligned as a straight extension of the coaxial feed cable.


The main applications of the TSA-antennas are immunity testing against handheld transmitters in the automotive industry within the VHF/UHF range according to ISO 11542-9 respectively manufacturer specific standards (e.g. Toyota TSC 7006G).


Frequency Range: 385 MHz ... 2 GHz
Polarisation: linear
Pattern Type: omnidirektional
Permissible Power: 20 W
Connector: N
Impedance: 50 nominal
Length: 365 - 640 mm
Diameter: 25 mm
Weight: 300 g - 500 g
Mounting: 22 mm diameter tube

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