MFPO 9760 - Current Transformer and Pulse Generator


MFPO 9760 - Current Transformer and Pulse Generator

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  • FESP 5410-1 with MFPO 9760 Current Transformer and Pulse Generator


The MFPO 9760 is a current transformer for the typical mains frequencies of 50 Hz / 60 Hz. It is used to feed the 1 m square induction coil FESP 5410-1. This coil can reach magnetic field strengths of 1000 A/m for short time and 360 A/m continuously in its center. As this coil has only one turn it has relatively low inductance and can be used for fast signals in the time domain. On the other hand a one turn coil has a low coil factor and needs to be driven with hundreds of Ampere to reach the fields expected by IEC 61000-4-8.


The pulse generator which is built into MFPO 9760 allows defined “ON intervals” of 0.5…5.0 seconds. Other time intervals can be set by manually holding the start button longer. Alternatively the interval can be set usiing the remote input.


Technical data MFPO 9760 with FESP 5410-1
Power requirement:  230 V / 50/60 Hz / 16 A
Max. cont. current into coil:  400 A
Max current (5 min):  600 A
Max current (max 5 sec.): 1200 A
Max. field strength (coil center, max 5 sec.): >1000 A/m
Dimensions MFPO 9760 (W x D x H): 650 x 800 x 490
Weight: approx. 60 kg
Connector: male threads M16


IEC 61000-4-8


Datasheet MFPO 9760