AM 9104 - Antenna Mast

AM 9104 - Antenna Mast


  • Schwarzbeck AM 9104 opt GFK-Fuss
  • Schwarzbeck AM9104 Antenna Mast



Detachable Antenna Mast System (glass-fibre tubing) for VHF-UHF Antennas

manual height scanning 0.4 m to 4 m

insulated mast and antenna box with 0°/90° detents

zinc-plated / stainless steel 3-leg mast foot


pdficon small Datasheet AM 9104



AM 9104 Opt. Rollen:

Caster Wheels and Brakes for zinc-plated/ stainless steel 3-leg mast foot

AM 9104 Opt. GFK-Fuß:

Non metallic (glass-epoxy) mast foot for AM 9104