HHDF 5110 B - Handheld Direction Finder


  • HHDS 5110 B Handheld Direction Finder



The Handheld Direction Finder HHDF 5110 B was designed to locate radio transmitters in conjunction with a suitable portable receiver or spectrum analyser. Thanks to its robust structure, the HHDF 5110 B is suitable for outdoor use, even under harsh environmental conditions.

Since the directional pattern in E-plane and H-plane is nearly equal, both horizontal and vertical polarisations can be measured well.


Nominal Frequency Range: 30 ... 300 MHz
Nominal Impedace: 50 Ω
Connector: N-female
3 dB Beamwidth E-plane: typ. 150°
3 dB Beamwidth H-plane: typ. 170°
VSWR: typ. 2
Gain: -40 dBi ... -2 dBi
Antenna Factor: 20 dB/m ... 36 dB/m
Mounting Tube: 22 mm
Dimensions: 494 x 300 x 80 mm
Weight: 1.1 kg
Optional Accessories:

HHDF 5110 A
HHDF 5110C

pdficon small Datasheet HHDF 5110 B

pdficon small Radiation Pattern HHDF 5110 B