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MagTest System


System to test the immunity against magnetic fields acc.

MIL-461 E, ISO 11452-8, EN 61000-4-8, SAE J551-17 etc.

The system components will be individually configured for your requirements.


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  • LFPA 9733


LFPA 9733 Power Amplifier


The LFPA 9733 is a multi-purpose power amplifier

and can be used within the frequency range from

DC to 250 kHz.

Typical applications are magnetic immunity testing

according to automotive standards or MIL-461 E or F.


Frequency range (nominal): DC - 250 kHz

Gain at 8 ohm impedance: 26 dB ±3 dB


pdficon small Datasheet LFPA 9733



  • NFCN 9731


NFCN 9731 Compensation Network


The primary function of the compensation network NFCN 9731 is to provide a serial compensation of the inductance of the HHS 5206-16. Thus the currents needed to produce the desired field strength can be achived using relatively low voltages.


The compensation capacitor of the NFCN 9731 reduces the overall impedance of the series circuit with the Helmholtz coil HHS 5206-16 at the wanted operating frequency and allows currents up to 30 Arms at a generator voltage of less than 40 Vrms.


Max continuous current: up to 32 Arms


Capacitance range: 1.5 nF - 300 µF


Frequency range: DC - 150 kHz


Integrated shunt: 1 Ohm / 800 W


pdficon small Datasheet NFCN 9731



  • Schwarzbeck SHUNT 9571

SHUNT 9571


Low inductive precision high power shunt

1 x 0.25 Ohm / 800 W

1 x 1 Ohm / 800 W

2 x 0.5 Ohm / 400 W

respectively for best load matching

at lower frequency end

cooling fans


pdficon small Datasheet SHUNT 9571



  • Schwarzbeck HS5136 Hall Sensor


HS 5136 - Hall-Sensor

The hall probe HS 5136 can be used to measure magnetic field strengths for immunity tests according to MIL STD 461 and various automotive standards.


It measures static and dynamic magnetic fields with a field strength up to 9000 A/m. The HS 5136 is a transverse probe, i.e. the magnetic flux lines must be orthogonal to the longitudinal probe axis and orthogonal to the surface of the hall-element to obtain the maximum reading.



Nominal frequency range: DC - 10 kHz
Nominal measuring range: 0 - 7000 A/m
Extended measuring range: 0 - 9000 A/m
Nominal conversion factor: 1 (A/m)/mV
Load impedance:

>2 kΩ

Non-linearity.: 0.8 %
Power supply: 12 VDC ±3 % / 250 mA
Housing: Aluminium
Dimensions: ca. 470 x 42 x 28 mm
Mounting: D = 22 mm Tube, L = 120 mm
Weight: 330 g
Connector: BNC-female


Datasheet HS5136