STLP 9149 - Stacked Microwave Log-Periodic Antenna

STLP 9149 - Stacked Microwave Log.-Per. Antenna

  • STLP 9149 - Typical Antenna Factor
  • STLP 9149 - Typical Antenna Gain
  • Schwarzbeck STLP9149 stacked log. periodic antenna

Stacked Logarithmic-Periodic Broadband Antenna for Linear polarised RX- and TX- applications in the microwave frequency range. The antenna structure is made of laser-cut brass. For protection of the fine antenna structure against damage the antenna is equipped with a low loss plastic protection cover. The STLP 9149 is especially suitable for Immunity Testing acc. to IEC 61000-4-3 because of its good field uniformity. Further outstanding characteristics of the STLP 9149 are the wide bandwidth, the nearly constant high gain, very good impedance matching as well as equal beamwidth in E- and H-plane.  


Frequency Range:

(0.6)0.7-9 (10.5) GHz



Pattern Type:


typ. Gain:

10.3 dBi +/- 1.5 dBi

   Max. Input Power: 

300 W (f=1 GHz)
150 W (f=6 GHz)


Type N female

Impedance: 50 Ohms nominal


Length: 460 mm (+215 mm)
Width: 270 mm
Height 270 mm
Weight: 3.7 kg
Mounting: 22 mm diameter tube


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Radiation Pattern

Short Measuring Distances