Active Antennas

  • Schwarzbeck EFS 9218 active electric field probe with biconical elements

 EFS 9218


Active Electric Field Probe with Biconical Elements

9 kHz - 300 MHz

12 µV/m - 65 V/m

const. antenna factor typ. 46 dB/m high symmetry

built in rechargeable battery

The switchable preamplifier improves the antenna factor to 20 dB/m.


Datasheet EFS 9218



Opt. ACS 410: Automatic charger ACS 410 for EFS9218




EFS 9219


Active antenna holder

high sensitivity (1 µV/m ... 3 V/m)

9 kHz-30 MHz

BBUK 9139 biconical elements required


pdficon small Datasheet EFS 9219.pdf



Opt. Rohr: Isolating tube with braid chokes for EFS9219

Opt. ACS 410: Automatic charger Ansmann ACS 410 for EFS 9219




  • Schwarzbeck VAMP9243 Vertikal Active Rod Antenna


  • Schwarzbeck Option MIL461_bonding_kit for VAMP 9243


VAMP 9243


Vertikal active rod antenna

9 kHz - 30 MHz


reduced noise floor

with mounting nut for AM 9144 and rechargeable battery


pdficon small Datasheet VAMP 9243



Opt. GP: Aluminium-Groundplane, 0.6 x 0.6 m


Opt. ACS 410: Charger ACS 410


Opt. VT: 20 dB plug in divider to measure high field strength


Opt. CA 9243: Calibration Adapter for VAMP9243

pdficon small Opt. CA 9243


Opt. MIL461F bonding kit:

Bonding kit for VAMP 9243 acc. MIL-STD-461F consisting of a BNC

cable double shielded ca. 70 cm, with braid

current blocking ferrite in the center, elbow aluminium angle

with BNC bulkhead adapter.


Opt. MIL 461F Bonding Kit